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4 days and a broken heart!

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It’s been 4 days since i’ve had no contact. 4 whole days. It’s so fecking hard! I’ve stupidly sent him so many texts.  Starting from very angry. pissed off, mildly annoyed, to soppy lets make up.

After the 1st  4 messages I got ” I’m in no state of mind to talk, speak later in week”. I”m pleased to say that I stopped msging him and resorted to sleepless nights and crying. What the hell’s wrong with with me?! Men  don’t get me like this!

I just feel so frustrated that it wasn’t my fault and I wished I would have dealt with it differently rather than just walking away.

And then today I sent a ” I know you don’t want to talk and that’ fine. I know you’ve a lot on your plate, But just though i’d say I hate bad feeling, I miss you and when  you do feel like talking, come and visit me”

Don’t know whether I should have said that after all I am so annoyed at him but I don’t feel like I want to let him go just yet. I honestly feel as though I’ve a broken heart… I know he’s stubborn and I’ve seen him walk away from things very easily. He’s very like me and that’s what I’m worried about.

Urgh, cake time… comfort food.






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  1. It’s a shame it’s going badly because i think you two are good together (even if you do have the odd sticky patch). I hope you can sort out your differences, but if not then i’m sure some other guy will be putting a smile back on your face.
    As for whether you should say this or should text that, fuck it who cares what you “should” do. Who makes these rules anyway? If you want to tell him you miss him, or he is pissing you off, or whatever, then tell him. You will know for yourself what you should or shouldnt say.

    • I know right! I’ve stayed quiet in the past and it’s done me no good.

      This time I’m saying what I think and feel and it feels good for me. It just feels worse that he’s completely ignoring me. it makes me wonder how someone can just do that!!!

      As for other guys, I’ve decided that (gods honest truth now) that if I don’t get back with CB, I’m staying away from relationships for the next 5 years!!

      • i know it hurts when you dont get any replies. Maybe he just needs time, maybe he wants out. Either way, you have done your best, been honest with him and given him the space he seems to need. The rest is up to him.
        And if it is over, dont write off every other guy because of it. Maybe you’ll meet your dream guy next week and pass him over because you’re taking five years off!

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