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If you read my last post, you’ll see I happened to check CB’s Facebook only to find him all over this blonde bird – well leaning against her, with head on her arm. Too close for comfort.

So I went to bed that night really pissed off and upset, I know they say men cheat when they don’t get attention (thanks MSN). And since I’ve not seen him for a month, that’s not gonna help.

He went to work in Ireland last week, and I’ve had a lot causal conversations on the phone with him. I just wanted to ask him about it, but then how did I explain that I was stalking him..

Until, the blond bird when and tagged CB’s brother in the picture too, I though YEAH that’s HOW. Then, I read the caption line..

” Me and my cuzins, at  (name) festival”

After a lot of research (stalking) it turns out that they are actually cousins and surely CB is not into his cousins is he?! But on today’s conversations, I did happen to mention that I’d seen his pictures from his Brother’s page. And I said they looked like they had a great time – he agreed and said yes and then told me about all of his family he’d met during the night.

There was no oddness about it, I didn’t sense anything. I think this time, this may have been me getting the green eye a little…

Any way I feel much better. I see him tomorrow for a little while which will be nice – but if it’s as hot as this, I think I’ll be having sex in the shower!!

In other news I’m going to the beach at the weekend,





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  1. So it was all innocent after all 🙂


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