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That moment when you see your lover sprawled over some blonde bird..

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Not seen CB for a while, we’ve been like passing ships in the night. Partly because of work and I’ve not been feeling well. His mate is down from the Netherlands too so it means  many a parties for them.

Last night he text me, he was very drunk, and told me he was missing me and that we needed to start seeing one another more. That was fine with me, so I replied back with a yes I miss you too, and we need to sort that out – come fuck me soon and I’m going out. I’d told him that I was away this weekend, purely because I know he’s  living the high life and I don’t want to appear sad…

Any way,  I got a call of him this morning which I ignored because I was half asleep. Followed by a message saying morning, babe, I’m really sorry. I’ll phone you later. So I checked my Facebook to see if he’d drunk texted me any further and there was nothing there. What could there possibly be, to be sorry for?

And so he phoned again, and I asked and he said that he woke up with a bad feeling and remembered texting me. So I said there’s was nothing untoward.

Any way this evening I ‘happened’ to be on FB on his page, well actually I was on his Mum’s page (because me and CB are not friends via FB and for good reason) and I saw a picture of him and this girl. It was whilst they were out.

CB’s brother was in the picture too. He was at once side with his arm around this girl, and CB was on the other side  – her back was facing him, and seemed to be leaning into her, with his head on her shoulder…

From further investigation (yes I’m a stalker) it turns out this girl is the sister of the friend that they  were out with last night.

So it could have just been a friendly photo, but it looked a little too close for comfort. And now it makes me wonder if something happened between them last night and that was why he’d apologised  this morning? Am I being paranoid?

I was never invited to this weekend festival they’ve gone too because apparently CB didn’t want me to see him drunk. But now I know of this girl perhaps he didn’t want us to meet?

I can’t although see him going there, because it’s his mates sister and considering his mate has just recently become good friends with me – surely it would be dangerous territory?

And you may ask why I care, or maybe a little jealous? Well, I expect my friends to be straight up with me and considering his no other people policy… I’d be pretty pissed off that I’ve not slept with anyone else for an entire year.

Maybe that needs to change!



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  1. FB and Twitter can be dangerous places to go stalking – sometimes you find out the very thing you were looking for. The question is, do you really want to know? and if so, what will you do when you have found out? xx


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